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December 4th, 2010

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Ancient DOS Games --- Episode 27

Bubble Ghost

Additional Information and Corrections:

  • Apologies for some of the sound distortion in the episode. I'll be getting a new mic before this year is over. :P

  • One interesting piece of trivia is that the after name changes and poor handling by parent company Infogrames, the main crew of the French company ERE Informatique, which created Bubble Ghost, eventually left to form a new game company, Cryo Interactive Entertainment, which was responsible for the MegaRace series of games, the first of which I reviewed in ADG Episode 9.

  • Another interesting piece of trivia is that just a couple years back in 2008, another similar bubble-moving game was made called Soul Bubbles. It's an extremely hard-to-get game due to retailers not wanting to stock it (virtually impossible to find this game in Canada) but curiously it was also made by a French company: Mekensleep

  • The original author of Bubble Ghost, Christophe Andreani, has contributed a number of neat tid-bits to the Bubble Ghost article on Wikipedia, including original conceptual sketches. Definitely worth checking out. ;)

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