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August 19th, 2011

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Ancient DOS Games --- Episode 28

FX Fighter

Additional Information and Corrections:

  • This game actually started life as a tech demo for the PC-FX console, where the characters were rendered as full motion video. The PC-FX game was eventually cancelled, supposedly due to all the FMV necessary not fitting on a single CD. There was also an SNES port in development that was to use the SuperFX-2 chip, but just like StarFox 2, another SuperFX-2 chip game, it got cancelled.

  • One of the things I didn't talk about was the Tournament mode, but I didn't mention it because I found it slightly confusing and wasn't quite sure how its ranking process worked, so I didn't really want to talk about something I couldn't figure out. I'm sure I probably could if I spent more time with the game, but I kinda don't want to spend more time with the game because the playing style it demands is probably ruining my Virtua Fighter and Tekken skills. :P

  • One thing I didn't explain too well is why I felt the default controls were so incredible terrible. I mean, when you look at the full layout it seems practical enough, it fits your fingers perfectly, you've always got one finger on every button... The HUGE problem with the setup is that jump/duck is handled with one hand and left/right is handled with the other. By splitting the movement keys between your hands it makes doing any kind of quarter-circle or half-circle moves incredibly tricky. One of the most basic rules of game design is you should be able to move your player with only one hand. If you need two hands to move there needs to be a very good reason! (IE: Descent)

  • I can't find a complete move-list for the characters anywhere so it's possible some of the characters have moves I don't even know about. Heck, Ashraf has a projectile move and I had to play the game for over two hours straight before I finally saw the AI use it!

  • Venam is actually a she... Yeah... Dunno how I missed that. ^_^;

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