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November 20th, 2010

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Stunts / 4D Sports Driving Tracks

icon   Click here to download Gemini's Stunts Track Pack!

I've had Stunts for a long time now and have made a large variety of tracks. The track pack I've created features 37 of my best tracks. Click the download disk above to obtain them all, or continue browsing this page to see what tracks are included. Click on the images of the various tracks to see larger pictures of them!

It goes without saying that you will need a copy of Stunts or 4D Sports Driving to play these tracks. Obtaining this game legitimately can be a little tricky nowadays, though supposedly it's free to download, yet there's so little information about this that it's hard to be certain. I go over some of the details about this in my webshow: Ancient DOS Games - Episode 1. You'll find some links on that page as well.

I recommend creating a separate folder/directory for these tracks off of the main location where you installed Stunts, as Stunts has the ability to read tracks and replays from one directory below the one it's installed to. This way you'll avoid overwriting any tracks which may have the same filenames.

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4LAPCORE.TRK --- "The 4-Lap Core"
This is a mirror track that manages to cross much of the map as it intertwines with itself. You will essentially go through the same motions four times to reach the finish line.
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ALPS.TRK --- "The Alps"
An extremely simple and easy to drive track. This track was my first attempt ever to use the actual track pieces as scenery.
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BANKMAST.TRK --- "Bank-Master"
This track is designed almost entirely out of banked roads, meaning you're going to hit and maintain some crazy speeds, even with the low-speed vehicles!
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BOXLOGIC.TRK --- "Boxed Logic"
This track has four "boxes" in each corner which are designed to test your skill with various obstacles. I must admit, it looks kinda goofy. :P
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CANYON.TRK --- "The Canyon"
Most of this track takes place elevated, but a small portion of it dips into the canyon paths onto dirt roads. Not a difficult track, just looks neat.
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CTYSCAPE.TRK --- "Cityscape"
This is the very first full track I made using the terrain editor built into Stunts. As you can see, it's nothing special, but still a fun drive.
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DANGRMNT.TRK --- "Danger Mountain"
This track may not look special but if you look closely you'll see the track's special feature: A bridge that you have to drive right off of to reach the next at a lower altitude! The slower cars will not survive this so make sure you choose a really fast vehicle for this track!
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DESERT.TRK --- "The Desert"
This is an all-dirt track with absolutely no non-dirt pieces. It's mostly a proof of concept and otherwise a boring track, but it's interesting that such a track is possible.
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FALSEWAY.TRK --- "False Ways"
This track has been crafted to trick you into taking roads that aren't actually part of the track. These roads will all ultimately lead to your demise so make sure you drive carefully and stay on the REAL road!
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FWHILLS.TRK --- "Flow-Water Hills"
I wanted to design a track with a lot of water without being too bridge-confined and this was the result. Two of its key features are a four-way double-incline jump and a jump near the end over the starting brdige which is also over water!
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GAPS.TRK --- "Gaps"
This track features a whole bunch of different kinds of gaps to jump across. Some of them are fairly simple, others will require careful control over your acceleration, and a few don't even start with a jump ramp!
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GAUNTLET.TRK --- "The Gauntlet"
This track is small but intense. The amount of obstacles crammed into such a tiny space can be overwhelming!
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GEMINI.TRK --- "Gemini"
Well yeah, I had to make a track like this! ;D
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ISLAND.TRK --- "The Island"
This was the second track I ever made using the built-in terrain editor. I quickly noticed a limitation in dealing with water and hill corners which frustrated me. The track itself is full of crossovers and isn't too challenging.
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ISLANDS.TRK --- "The Islands"
I made this track not only on a different system, but many years after The Island, so I completely forgot it existed! Instead of being one big island, this track consists of many smaller islands.
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LAKETRKY.TRK --- "Lake Tricky"
The name of this track says it all: It has a big lake in it and there's some tricky spots, most notably an unexpected and unintentional hill-jump into a bridge going the wrong way. Try not to fall for it!
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MEGACITY.TRK --- "Mega City"
Basically, the entire track is surrounded by buildings; Guaranteed to make you feel a little claustrophobic.
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MEGAMAZE.TRK --- "Mega Maze"
This track is actually a maze of sorts, where if you take a wrong turn you have to do some of it over again. If you want to cheat and learn the solution, simply watch an AI Opponent drive the track and jot down, in sequence, how many junctions they pass up before taking one.
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MEGAPIPE.TRK --- "The Megapipe"
This track has an extremely long pipe to travel through as well as a couple jumps over it.
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MIRROR1.TRK --- "The 1st Mirrored Track"
This was my first attempt ever to make a multi-lap track. In Stunts, you never do more than one lap of a track, so to incorporate multiple laps the track has to be designed so that you go through the same motions multiple times. This track has an exact mirror-image of itself over the water, so it's like performing two laps of the same track.
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MIRROR2.TRK --- "The 2nd Mirrored Track"
Since the first one worked out OK, I decided to try again only this time, split the track up four times to get four laps in. I don't think this one turned out as well; each of the four areas felt much too cramped to work with.
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OLDTOWN.TRK --- "The Old Town"
A very simple track that you should be able to clear with any vehicle.
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PLATFORM.TRK --- "The Platforms"
This track was an experiment, as I so frequently do with Stunts, to see what it would be like to make a track that took place on top of many grid-locked hills. It... kinda works. Give it a go and judge for yourself.
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RCKYROAD.TRK --- "Rocky Road"
I think the name of this track speaks for itself! The entire track is dirt and features numerous hill-jumps, many of which are followed immediately by another which can cause you to crash if you go too fast!
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ROADBLOK.TRK --- "Road Blockage"
This track is designed to test how well you can deal with various obstacles when heading towards them at top-speed. Very simple, but very deadly!
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SUPRCITY.TRK --- "Super City"
Basically, a track surrounded by lots of buildings. Nothing too special but a fun drive all the same.
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SUPRCROS.TRK --- "Super Crossroads"
This track has lots of crossovers and jumps over roads and bridges. It's designed to be as difficult to memorize as possible.
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TRAPMAST.TRK --- "Trap Master"
This track is designed to catch you off-guard at certain points and cause you to crash as a result of simply going too fast. That said, you need speed to get past many parts of the track as well. Making it through alive means knowing when to go fast and when to slow down!
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TREE_MNT.TRK --- "Tree Mountain"
Named after the large number of trees all over the place. This was my third track ever using the built-in terrain editor and is designed primarily to be scenic, rather than challenging.
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TRIFOCAL.TRK --- "The Tri-Focal Track"
I wondered what it would be like to have a track with three "lanes" going side by side throughout, where knowing when to change lanes would yield better times. This is another one of those tracks that kinda works and kinda doesn't. Give it a shot and see what you think.
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TUNELVIS.TRK --- "Tunnel Vision"
This track is named after its feature attraction: The largest contiguous set of corkscrews possible on a Stunts track! Attempting to drive though this thing may make your brain go numb and will likely make you dizzy or give you some vertigo. Don't say I didn't warn you! ;)
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TWINPATH.TRK --- "The Twin-Paths"
The middle section of this track features a set of two parallel roads with multiple junctions together. You have to switch between the roads depending on which obstacles you can deal with the most easily.
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ULTIMA.TRK --- "Ultima"
Not to be confused with the game, I actually named this track after the Final Fantasy VI spell of the same name because at the time, I thought it sounded cool. It is an endurance track of epic proportions, with a single lap lasting nearly 20 minutes long using the fastest vehicles available! Make sure you're set for a long drive before taking this track on!
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ULTIMA2.TRK --- "Ultima II"
As if it couldn't get any harder... There are no terrain elements and very little scenery. Like its predecessor, it takes about 20 minutes to complete a drive on this track using the fastest vehicles. In fact, this track is so massive that if you attempt to cheat right from the start, you end up with a NEGATIVE time! o_O;
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WATERPIT.TRK --- "The Water Pit"
I thought it would be neat to contain a giant pool of water by hills, cross over it with long sets of bridges, and have the more active elements along the edges. It didn't work perfectly, but well enough.
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WEAVER.TRK --- "Weaver"
This was an experimental track that's a lot more fun to look at than to drive. The main path weaves under and over the various roads and bridges.
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X-FACTOR.TRK --- "X-Factor"
This is without a doubt one of my best tracks. First of all, it looks cool. Secondly, it's actually a 4-way mirror track that's woven together, meaning certain mirrored parts overlap other mirrored parts, thus you are technically driving the same basic track for a total of four laps. Thirdly, this track is HARD, this track is LONG, and if you manage to get all the way to the end there's a trap, right before the finish line, guaranteed to nail you almost every time. This track is tailor-made to make you angry and waste your time, but the reward for victory is oh-so-sweet! ;)

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