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August 17th, 2013

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Game Related Music

PixelShips Retro

Below are all of the actual tunes I made and used in my game PixelShips Retro. A little over half of these tunes are not heard in the unregistered version of the game and even registered players may not have heard all of these by now. Also, if you own a registered copy of the game, you can input the cheat code "DIGITALMIX" on the title screen to access a sound test system, which will let you listen to all of these tunes.

All of these tunes were made while I was at Experience Level 5.

Aqua Assault Bubble Zone Combat Control Communimatrix Crystal Sea
Deflected Stars Faster than Light Finalizer First and Final I Am Invincible!
Nomad Lost Nowhere Yet Resolution

hbarleft hbarright

Music from Other Games

The following tunes are remixes I made of music made by other people for existing games. I often find it stimulating to see if I can remix tunes from other games into my own style, or to put them into a style that's not quite the same as the way they were originally made. Most of the time, it doesn't come out so well, but below are two exceptions to this rule. ;)

(Lv7) Castlevania Divine Bloodline Retro RemixOriginal Tune Composed By: Akiropito
This is one of my favourite video game tunes and is, believe it or not, the MAIN reason why I picked up Rondo of Blood on the Wii Virtual Console. Yeah sure, the tune's also in the SNES game Castlevania Dracula X, but even though it's not bad it's VERY inferior to the original game. All that said, it occurred to me that every Castlevania tune I like has a retro origin on the NES, except this one. So I went one step further and decided to try and make a variant that sounded like it came off of a Gameboy! The result actually turned out quite well. ;)
(Lv8) Pokemon Red Blue Gym Leader RemixOriginal Tune Composed By: Junichi Masuda
Yeah, it's the only Level 8 tune I've uploaded so far, and it's not even that great a remix overall, until you consider I made this from start to finish in under 90 minutes! This was basically a challenge to myself to see how quickly I could create a remix of this tune since the last time I tried was many years prior when I was far less experienced. So you have to admit, for a remix done from scratch in under 90 minutes, it's not half bad. ;)

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