Pixelmusement Filler Video 53 Last Updated:
April 18th, 2016

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Filler Video #53


Additional Information and Corrections:

  • I don't quite understand what happened with the compression, as my recorded footage looks far superior in terms of compression quality and I did the final render at the exact same bitrate. I'll look into this so that the next time I do a 1080p video the quality is properly there, but as it stands, I'm running way too late with this video as it is so I wanted to get it out. :P

  • One of the more obvious mistakes I made is that Super Panda Adventures is actually an Action/Platformer/RPG, not an Adventure game, as you gain experience points and level up your abilities and only really acquire a small handful of items which you don't directly use, or serve simply as basic equipment upgrades. Last I played the game was over a year ago so I'm not surprised this skipped my mind.

  • While I personally consider Dragon Ball Xenoverse a Beat 'em Up, it's actually right on the dividing line between Fighting and Beat 'em Up, so you could define it either way really, but since Beat 'em Up is a sub-genre of Fighting, I feel it's more apt to call it that.

  • Yes, ALL of the games shown are games I own and I captured all of the footage shown myself. Having now done something of this magnitude in terms of sheer quantity of different games in a single video I can safely say I never want to do this again... This thing was a NIGHTMARE to convert the footage for to do editing! D:

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