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July 18th, 2015

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Ancient DOS Games --- Episode 168

Slipstream 5000

Additional Information and Corrections:

  • Here's the link for the game's page on GOG if you wish to obtain it: http://www.gog.com/game/slipstream_5000

  • From what I'm told, some of the bugs I commented on like the glitches with the France track and the mouse cursor acting sloggy in the menus don't actually occur on real hardware and are a factor of running through DOSBox. DOSBox is incredibly handy for playing all of these old DOS titles but it's easy to forget that it's STILL not actually finished software and doesn't emulate everything 100%, so sometimes what happens in DOSBox won't happen on real hardware. Gotta be more careful about this in the future... :B

  • Another thing I've been informed of by my fans is that the style of humour in this game is actually typical of UK stuff in the mid 90s... doesn't make it any easier to listen to but explains a few things all the same. It's not that I'm against these kinds of jokes in general, but when you make a joke about a stereotype there has to be a sort of levity about it, like the person making the joke KNOWS it's only a stereotype, not something that affects everyone who's a part of that group, otherwise it feels more like an insult than a joke and that's never a good thing. :P

  • Yet another thing I've been told, (so many mistakes/miscues... argh!), is that the MT-32/MIDI music in this game is notably better than the synth music... still not spectacular but no longer in the realm of awful. I can't confirm this myself though as the MIDI on my real sound chipset is terrible, I don't have an MT-32 (thus I can't legally use MUNT either), and no one on YouTube seems to have recorded this for all to hear, so... I'll just have to take my fans words for it. :B

  • Although I wasn't able to comment on CD related stuff due to my owning the digital version of this game, I've noticed that the digital version doesn't actually mount any CD data, so it's possible that once the game is installed the CD is no longer required to play, or that you can copy all files from the CD and not need the CD anymore for that reason. Dunno for certain though.

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