Pixelmusement ADG Episode 166 Last Updated:
July 4th, 2015

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Ancient DOS Games --- Episode 166


Additional Information and Corrections:

  • There's surprisingly few DOS games which seem "patriotic" in nature, so this was what I had to go with for a July 4th game. I know Baseball didn't get its start in the USA, but it was the USA which developed it into the massive sports juggernaut it is today and why it's so commonly referred to as a great American pasttime. :B

  • "Errors" are when a player goes to catch a ball but fumbles it. Surprisingly, I never caught any footage of one while I was playing the game this time around, although I did experience them when testing to make sure the game was ready for recording, and also afterwards when doing a little more gameplay just to be sure I was going to call it quits early.

  • The runner going through my shortstop who had the ball was also something which occurred following recording of game footage. :P

  • Don't take my inability to do well at this game as a sign that I suck at baseball games. I fully intend to show you guys my favourite digital baseball game at some point. Heck, one of my favourite movies is "Major League". (TBH: I enjoy watching baseball much more than actually playing it.)

  • Tandy-specific Accolade titles in general are extremely difficult to find cracking details on since they never saw widespread distribution outside of the Radio Shack stores which sold Tandy computers back in the 80s and 90s. While I'm not a proponent of abandonware or warez in general, I'm not against using such resources to get a working copy of a game I own a legit copy of but can't get working for whatever reason.

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