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May 6th, 2015

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Ancient DOS Games --- Episode 161

MegaRace 2

Additional Information and Corrections:

  • Here's a link to the Zoom Platform store page where you can purchase MegaRace 2. If you search the store, you can find the combo packs or other games in the MegaRace trilogy: https://www.zoom-platform.com/#store-megarace2

  • One major correction: Based on the eMails I had exchanged and the prevalence of Christian Erickson on YouTube and Lance Boyle's appearance around Zoom back when I was first contacted, I had assumed I was in contact with the actor himself. (Heck, I've been in contact with a variety of people involved with the games I've covered, a couple of whom were actors.) Turns out, Zoom is simply perpetuating the character of Lance Boyle, and Christian Erickson's involvement with Zoom hasn't been to anywhere near the extent it seemed to be, thus I haven't actually spoken to the actor himself at all. Ah well. :P

  • Upon taking a second look following recording the voiceover I noticed that 320x200 graphics aren't used anywhere in the game, thus the game is only using SVGA 640x480 and VGA 320x400 modes. Oops. :P

  • As for what the MegaRace reboot will entail... I have no idea beyond the new videos surfacing on YouTube starring Lance Boyle. Hopefully he gets a little bit of his speed back when it comes time to actually record game content. ;)

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