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January 17th, 2015

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Ancient DOS Games --- Episode 153

Soleau Games

Additional Information and Corrections:

  • Here's a link to the Soleau Software website so you can download and try some of these games for yourself: http://www.soleau.com

  • I'll probably do another video like this sometime in the future as there's still more bad and good Soleau games to talk about.

  • The notion that William Soleau went for "Quantity over Quality" isn't quite correct. While some Soleau games are bad, the approach was more-so "Quantity over Complexity", as simple games are still fun when they're done right, with games like Bejewelled being a prime example of this. I mention this because I don't have a problem with this approach at all and can respect an indie company that's able to put out so many games on a regular basis, even if only half of them are decent. ;)

  • If the aspect ratio seems a bit odd on the video today, it's because 640x350 is an odd resolution and I did some testing to figure out what aspect ratio William Soleau expected from his games, since CRT monitors could be adjusted and often gave different results for different people. Turns out he chose a ratio slightly wider than 4:3, leading to the footage being stretched to 1024x720 instead of 960x720. I learned my lesson after the whole incorrect Jazz Jackrabbit aspect correcting in Episode 150 and thus will be paying much closer attention to this sort of thing in the future. :B

  • I haven't actually covered my second-favourite Soleau game yet... next time. ;D

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