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January 10th, 2015

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Ancient DOS Games --- Episode 152


Additional Information and Corrections:

  • By "spine" of the box I mean "side" of the box. Duh. :B

  • I didn't go in-depth into the various races of the game because part of the fun of the game is discovering the different races... also because it's a little tricky to understand them sometimes.

  • There is actually an ending to the game which involves dealing with the main antagonist race of the game, but I wasn't able to get any further along with the missions once there was nothing left but dealing with twin cruisers and not having a decent shield system to protect myself from their attacks. :/

  • There's actually pictures of every item you can acquire which you can view from the inventory lists. I still find it amazing how much raw data they packed into this game in such a small amount of space. :o

  • One thing to keep in mind when you go searching for specific items to purchase is that sometimes the people who sell those items will only sell them when they're in orbit around specific planets, so while some people might be found around other planets, their inventory may be different in the process.

  • One of the items you get in the game is called a "Company Badge" and when viewed, looks like a pair of bunny ears. This has confused a number of people, but I think the reason for this is that prior to Disney pulling out of the project, it was probaly a pair of Mickey Mouse ears. I have no proof of this, but from a design perspective it just makes perfect sense. ;)

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