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October 14th, 2014

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Ancient DOS Games --- Episode 150

Jazz Jackrabbit

Additional Information and Corrections:

  • In regards to the unusual 320x199 resolution for the gameplay which, at first glance, confuses DOSBox and alters the aspect ratio, it turns out this is actually INTENTIONAL. The game itself, running on a regular CRT monitor in real DOS, produces a squished display with black bars at the top and bottom once you're in the game proper, possibly as a side effect for reprogramming the VGA registers for 60 Hz instead of the standard 70 Hz for 320x200 resolution. However, the result of this creates a 1:1 pixel aspect for the graphics, meaning the "aspect corrected" footage seen in this ADG episode is technically incorrect, since that's not how it would look on period-specific hardware. Very weird and definitely something to keep in mind if you normally run aspect correction on 320x200 gameplay footage like I do. :P

  • Turns out the floppy disk version has the same animated scenes at the end of each episode as the CD version. Mind you, the CD version still has nine episodes while the floppy version only has six. ;)

  • One "feature" older versions of the game had is something called "Apology Mode" where the game would emulate 16-colour EGA graphics and the framerate would die. This was meant to poke fun at Apogee and their games mostly being 16-colour EGA instead of 256-colour VGA... though Apogee wasn't exactly too thrilled about it... :P

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