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July 19th, 2014

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Ancient DOS Games --- Episode 143

Full Throttle

Additional Information and Corrections:

  • Anyone else notice that the logo for both BioForge and Full Throttle have the same colour scheme in-game? :o

  • Thanks to a fan I've found out that the Full Throtte / Dark Forces combo disc comes with the full verison of Full Throttle, but only a demo version of Dark Forces. :B

  • Ben's last name is actually "Throttle", though this isn't mentioned anywhere in-game or in the manual or such. The reason was to avoid sparking a lawsuit related to the "Throttle" character from the series "Biker Mice from Mars".

  • Oddly enough, I remember the combat playing worse than it actually does. I think it's possible the combat may run better emulated than on real hardware, but I have no idea if this is really the case or not. :o

Installing the DOS Version from a Windows CD:

If you attempt to just run the game directly from the CD data, saving won't function. If you attempt to run the THROTTLE.EXE launcher without mounting everything properly, it'll just complain about not being able to find the CD. Thus in order to get the DOS version of Full Throttle working from the Windows CD, follow these steps:

1. Create an empty folder to install the game to. You can name it anything, let's call it "FT". In this folder, create two more folders. One should be named "THROTTLE", the other can be named anything you want, let's call it "CD".

2. In the "FT\CD" folder, copy in the "RESOURCE" folder from the actual Full Throttle CD. Don't just grab the contents of the folder, grab the folder too.

3. From inside the "FT\CD\RESOURCE" folder, copy all of the EXE files to the THROTTLE folder you created earlier. I don't actually know if it's necessary to copy all of them, but you need IMUSE.EXE, THROTTLE.EXE and DOS4GW.EXE for sure. :P

4. Launch DOSBox and make the following mounts:
mount c "c:\FT"
mount d "c:\FT\CD" -t cdrom -label THROTTLE

5. Go into the THROTTLE directory on the mounted C drive, run THROTTLE.EXE and the game should not only run properly, but more importantly, you should be able to save your game!

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