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February 8th, 2014

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Ancient DOS Games --- Episode 130

Epic Pinball

Additional Information and Corrections:

  • Let me clarify the Excalibur table a little: The rollovers by the flippers light up the starburst lights which indicate which target you need to hit to light up more of the sword. The left rollover activates the left target and the right rollover activates the right target.

  • Here's a link to the F1 Grand Prix machine on The International Arcade Museum website. Since this episode went live I've found out more about the real machine... it actually plays much differently than the emulated conversion I'd played prior and as such, isn't quite as high on my list anymore of machines to look into collecting if I can ever afford to: http://www.arcade-museum.com/game_detail.php?game_id=2268

  • I'm aware that the actual song "Oh Yeah" sounds quite a bit different than what you hear in Cyborgirl, but there's definitely some blatant similarities.

  • There was actually a different pinball game I was originally going to cover first before this one, but playing through it again was incredibly frustrating due to the physics being really stupid so I wanted to cover a better pinball game first. :P

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