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July 6th, 2013

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Ancient DOS Games --- Episode 116

Rogue / Dungeons of Doom

Additional Information and Corrections:

  • Here’s a link to the place on the Dungeondweller website where you can download any of the many versions of Rogue that were produced for the PC: http://www.roguelikedevelopment.org/archive/index.php

  • One of the topics I didn’t delve on is “searching”, whereby some doors and all traps are hidden by default and only show up when you search for them with the ‘s’ key. Considering the sheer amount of space you’d have to cover for finding traps, you’re rarely gonna find any this way and are more likely to just set them off instead. Searching is mostly used to uncover doors.

  • A lot of later dungeon crawls that use an identification system have a much greater “pain to pleasure” ratio as it were, in that some item effects would be extremely dangerous and you’d be more likely to encounter these effects, but then at the same time, these games usually make it easier to identify things. In Rogue, most item effects are positive.

  • If you’re really in a bind with a ton of equipment and have a “Remove Curse” scroll on hand, (it’s the one that tells you that you feel like you’re been watched over), you can try out all the equipment you can and if you end up with any curses at all, just immediately use the remove curse scroll to get rid of them all. It’s not as helpful as identifying items, but is typically a good way to get rid of any junk equipment.

  • There’s a lot of conflicting details about this game out there so finding accurate information about who did what and when is rather difficult, so don’t be too quick to point out if something I said was wrong because you may want to research such a factoid yourself first... and see just how conflicted all the information out there can get. :P

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