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April 13th, 2013

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Ancient DOS Games --- Episode 110


WARNING! The gameplay footage in this episode contains violent imagery. If you are under the age of 18, or if you find such content offensive, please do not watch this episode.

Additional Information and Corrections:

  • Here's a quick link to the store page on GOG.com if you wish to buy a digital download of this game:http://www.gog.com/gamecard/carmageddon_max_pack

  • No idea how well the digital download from GOG works on actual hardware. It would probably take a bit of coaxing to get working and you'd likely have to convert the OGG music back into CD-audio and burn it to an actual CD, along with the file set that's normally imgmounted in DOSBox.

  • I've heard that Carmageddon 2 is a better game than this one and easier to get working, so if you've never played a Carmageddon game before and don't have access to a high-end system for emulation, or a Pentium-based DOS system, it may be better to try the second game first instead of this one, presuming you can get a copy. As just the CD, the second game runs $5 to $15 usually, but fully boxed copies are VERY rare and thus tend to run $75 or more! :O

  • I don't actually know if the game really does take place in a post-apocalyptic world or not. This is actually another stereotype for vehicular combat games, since most of them DO. :P

  • Only ONCE did I clear a level of pedestrians. This was a long time ago when the game was still new and I didn't own it myself, rather borrowed it instead. In any case, it took nearly an hour... seriously. x_x;

  • There's no penalty for using any of the cheat features in the game, at least outside of multiplayer, and there are actually far more cheat codes than just the one that unlocks the cars and tracks. Personally, I would've preferred if the game's natural restrictiveness was somewhere between where it normally is and what you get when you put the unlock codes in. :P

  • There's actually a key you can hit that's sort of a "panic" key that turns off all of the graphics for all of the pedestrians and anything even remotely violent. I'm left wondering how many times in the history of gaming this particular key in this particular game actually served a practical use. ^_^;

  • I've never played the multiplayer mode, but I understand that you can perform upgrades on the fly during it, much the same way you can perform repairs anytime you want/need to.

  • There may only be seven music tracks, but they are all made of metal and awesome! ;D

  • GOG also offers an "Experimental Windows Patch" for the game which lets you run the game natively in Windows, thus kicking the framerate right up to where it should be on Windows systems! It can be a little finicky, such as sound effects acting weird in the menus or the installer saying it didn't work when it DID, but it's an option for those of you who are getting poor framerates with the DOS versions. This patch isn't official though, so you have to find it on the GOG forums here: http://www.gog.com/forum/carmageddon/experimental_windows_95_patch/page1

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