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March 9th, 2013

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Ancient DOS Games --- Episode 107

Wing Commander

Additional Information and Corrections:

  • Here's a link to the page on the Good Old Games website where you can buy the Wing Commander 1+2 package from:http://www.gog.com/gamecard/wing_commander_1_2

  • When I first uploaded this video, I somehow managed to mess up the word "think" in the beginning text with the word "thing". I corrected this mistake and reuploaded the video, though at least a few hundred people saw the typoed version. ^_^;

  • I've never actually played the DOS version of Wing Commander before now. My original experience with the game was the SNES version, which is surprisingly similar to the PC version, a feat not often seen with old PC to console ports! (Granted the controls suck in the SNES version.)

  • Another thing to keep in mind with the GOG release specifically is that the reference card with the controls on it is NOT included in the default download! You need to download the additional documentation from the game browser on GOG to get the appropriate reference card. Kind of an oversight but oh well, at least it's there. :P

  • One thing I should've elaborated on is why the game is as immersive as it is. It has to do with how it never really breaks you from the feeling that you're participating in the universe, as well as giving you different cockpits with the different ships you can fly as well as allowing you to earn medals and progress through your career in a dynamic way.

  • I kind of wish this game was made with high-resolution EGA graphics as opposed to low-resolution VGA graphics, specifically because of how hard it is to read the fonts for all of your cockpit elements. If there's anything that breaks the immersion at all, it's that.

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