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March 24th, 2012

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Ancient DOS Games --- Episode 79

Seek and Destroy

Additional Information and Corrections:

  • Thanks to one of my regular viewers, I can confirm that the B&N release of this game is indeed the full, registered version! :3

  • Something you may notice is that a lot of the game elements seem to disappear and reappear. This is due to issues that arose from converting the 57 FPS gameplay to 29.97 FPS for the show as those things are flashing in and out every frame. Although I had found a way around this issue for some reason it decided not to work so well this time around. :/

  • Yeah, the "super" weapons are actually called "special" weapons. I've been doing so much design work lately that words like "super", "mega", "ultra", "power", "hyper", "special", etc. are all starting to blur together to me. x_x;

  • One thing of note: Since you end a mission by returning to base, and since you start new lives from the base, if you die after completing your objectives and still have lives left, the mission ends immediately, you get your bonus points, then move on to the next.

  • Part of the reason I didn't put mature rating warnings on this game and Cyberdogs despite the fact there are blood effects in them is because in Cyberdogs, you never actually see anything bleed, you just see splats of "blood" where enemies died and on random surfaces. (In quotes because there's no context to the graphics so it could just be red paint.) In Seek and Destroy, blood effects are literally 4 pixels big and are gone from the screen in under half a second, so it's very hard to notice them in the first place.

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