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November 26th, 2011

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Ancient DOS Games --- Episode 67

Highway Hunter

Additional Information and Corrections:

  • Thanks to Clint Basinger, I've found out that the boxed release by Monkey Business ONLY includes the first third of the game! Unless you're a die-hard collector of old DOS stuff, it's better to just hunt down the shareware version if you want to try the game.

  • Technically, the game is still shareware, not commercial, but since the shareware version isn't sold anywhere anymore and the boxed version is, I figured it would be better to say it was still commercial. Keep your fingers crossed that the game's designer gets back to me! :)

  • For those wondering, I'm playing on "Slow" speed at 6000 DOSBox cycles. There are many speed settings in game so you can adjust it to whatever setting you feel the most comfortable with.

  • Even though it may seem like I have unlimited energy at some points in the gameplay footage, you're allowed to have far more energy stored than is visible on the energy bar.

  • I managed to figure out what those side shields actually do! Rather than protect against enemies and bullets, the side shields protect you from the sides of the roads, allowing you to run into them without taking damage! This also explains why the side shields don't show up on Easy skill.

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