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October 29th, 2011

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Ancient DOS Games --- Episode 64


Additional Information and Corrections:

  • I think a part of the game's deficiencies may be related to its physical size. As it stands, the DOS version barely fits on a 720 KB 3 1/2" disk, so it's possible certain effects and sound capabilities were cut out to save on the cost of disks, which would be completely stupid but considering other aspects of the game that didn't transition from the arcades properly, it wouldn't surprise me. :P

  • Also... this is a 1991, fully boxed, commercial game, without digitized sound support and nothing more than PC Speaker sound effects. It's no wonder it's so hard to find this version of the game now; it probably sold really badly considering what it would've been competing against.

  • I've learned that one of the original creators of QIX, Randy Pfeiffer, called the game QIX simply because of the license plate of his vehicle, which at the time was: "JUS4QIX". This leads me to suspect that my notion of QIX standing for something was either a retcon, or erroneous information planted by some magazine editor just to sound smarter than their readers. The magazines I was reading at the time were Gamepro, EGM, Nintendo Power and SWAT, so it had to be one of those four!

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