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September 3rd, 2011

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Ancient DOS Games --- Episode 58

Traffic Department 2192

Additional Information and Corrections:

  • Here's a link for those of you who want to download this game: http://www.classicdosgames.com/game/Traffic_Department_2192.html

  • The missions go by pretty quickly in this game so making transitions between the various gameplay elements while editing was tricky. This is why there's a fade so close to the end of the review.

  • Even though I show mostly gameplay, and I recorded my entire run through the game, I actually have almost twice as much story footage as gameplay footage... and I was speed-reading my way through it! (I'd beaten the game once before so I already knew what happens.)

  • Again, I want to stress, the first episode of this game is quite fun and worth a try at least once. It's the second and third episodes, the ones you originally had to pay for, which don't hold up to the same level of quality (especially the third episode) as the story just degenerates into insults and dead people and the graphics start feeling like less and less effort was put into them.

  • Here's a fun piece of trivia: The younger brother of the game's designer John Pallett-Plowright, Michael Pallett-Plowright, who was only 13 at the time, not only wrote some of the music for this game but actually went on to have a career in music, with a Wikipedia page dedicated to him and everything!

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