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April 30th, 2011

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Ancient DOS Games --- Episode 44


Additional Information and Corrections:

  • Here's a quick link for those of you who want to give this game a go: http://www.elmerproductions.com/sp

  • I made a very easy-to-make mistake which I didn't discover until preparing the thumbnail graphics for uploading. The VGA mode in this game is actually STILL only 16-colours, like the EGA mode, except that the palette has been utilized extremely well since the EGA colour spectrum is only 64 colours big while the VGA spectrum is 262,144 colours big. I mean seriously, until you take a real close look it really does feel like it's running 256 colours!

  • Another mistake I made is with the skipping of levels. Because of the way I was skipping levels I thought you simply couldn't skip two in a row. Apparently, the way it works, is you can skip up to three levels at a time and aren't allowed to skip anymore until you clear one of the three you skipped.

  • The title screen makes reference to a company called "Dream Factory". This is actually the same company as Digital Integration, just one of their publishing labels, along with "Action Sixteen" which references all the 16-bit games they were involved with.

  • There's a crash bug involving joystick support. If you enable joystick support at any point in time and utilize a joystick, calibration information is saved and interpreted regardless of if the joystick is still attached or not. If you try using a joystick, then decide later on not to and disconnect your joystick from your system, the game will routinely crash back to DOS until you delete the SUPAPLEX.CFG file and let the game create it from scratch.

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