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March 19th, 2011

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Ancient DOS Games --- Episode 38

Sango Fighter

Additional Information and Corrections:

  • Sorry this episode was a little late. Being sick and missing your two biggest work days for something personal that couldn't be postponed led to me rushing to finish the editing well past midnight. x_x;

  • Here's a quick link for those of you who want to get a copy of Sango Fighter: http://www.sangofighter.com

  • Interesting note about the joystick support: When you activate one of the joysticks in the options menu, the game immediately reads its centre position and considers anything in and around that position to be centred, and increases/decreases to be pushing that direction. Since the game doesn't need to know exactly how far the position goes in each direction, it makes it one of the few DOS games that technically doesn't require joystick calibration!

  • Brandon Cobb, President of Super Fighter Team, the guys who recently re-released Sango Fighter, filled me in on a couple extra things. Firstly, the Adlib sound doesn't work in DOSBox due to an Adlib feature presently unsupported in DOSBox, thus future versions of DOSBox may utilize Sango Fighter's Adlib support just fine, though considering Sound Blaster support is in there too, in a way, it almost doesn't matter. :P

  • I was also told that while I didn't get the name pronounciations perfect, they should technically be said the same way between the original and updated versions, and that the romanization of the words is simply different. I can accept that for MOST of the character names, but someone explain to me how Tsau and Cao are pronounced the exact same. o_0;

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