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May 22nd, 2010

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Ancient DOS Games --- Episode 0

System Reset

Additional Information and Corrections:

  • Apologies for laughing a couple times during the episode. It's been awhile since I last recorded myself and I'm working unscripted so it's hard to keep a straight face. ^_^;

  • While I will try to keep my critiquing in future game reviews to a minimum, some DOS games are really terrible or really awesome and it may be hard not to talk about them in such ways.

  • Those of you who want a quick-start on how to get a DOS game running in DOSBox, check out this thread on the DOSBox forums: http://vogons.zetafleet.com/viewtopic.php?t=8933

  • My example of not having the right kind of video card is kind of lame since video cards had better standardization than anything else at the time. Sound cards are a much better example, as there were a ton of them and quality could vary drastically even within the same brand!

  • I mention that shareware games may've been the most common, but it's actually interesting to note that they only held commonplace for the middle section of DOS gaming. At either end of the time-line, commercial games were the most common, at first because there was no other way to get games, and at the end because CD-quality games were too big to transfer over modems. Shareware games ruled in the middle before CDs when anyone with a modem could share games over the numerous BBS's that were out there.

  • When I say "No version to play" when talking about commercial games, I meant to say "No smaller version to play". Obviously if you buy the full game you get a version you can play. ;)

  • I am aware that abandonware can be a touchy subject and that everyone has their own opinions. Take it from someone who's made their own software and looked into copyright laws: Not a single game EVER made for PCs is old enough yet to become public domain. Also, a game that was once commercial/shareware but has been made free by the copyright holders isn't abandonware, it's freeware.

  • Always check the video pages here on my website before sending me an eMail just in case I've already posted a correction to something I may've gotten wrong, or in case I have new information regarding something I missed. I'll definitely check every eMail I get regarding ADG episodes, but I can't promise I'll respond to each of them, especially if the info is already on my website.

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